TreeHugger News: Green Alcatraz, Cool Cob and Toxic Companies

This week TreeHugger News brings you something dirty, something clean, and a whole lot of green in between, starting with a look at the Toxic 100 list of the largest corporate polluters. But before you jump to any quick conclusions, we’ll let you know what Toxic 100 company also made the list of Global 100 of the most Sustainable Corporations in the world. In cleaner, less confusing news - the infamous former federal prison Alcatraz gets greener, British schools move towards carbon neutrality, and kids in California celebrate cob – reviving a traditional building technique to craft modern benches.

For those who would like to delve deeper into the subjects on this week’s TH News you can check out some related articles buried in our archives. To save you some time and effort this week we’ve brought a few of them up to the surface for you. For cob lovers you can read about prize winning Cobtun House and How to make your own mud oven. The business brains can look at our posts on the Global 100 and Sustainable Enterprise. For those of you interested in life behind bars you check out more on Alcatraz and poo powered prisons – that should keep you busy!As TreeHuggerTV and TreeHugger News get bigger, better and bolder we want as many of you as possible to be able to get your eyes to the screen, which is why every week we are working to increase the accessibility of THTV. If your beady eyes haven’t already noticed, there is now a THTV screen at the bottom every TH page! Scroll on down, you can’t miss it! And since TreeHugger is all about choice here are a number of other ways you can choose to watch THTV: Subscribe to our weekly podcast from iTunes, so that you receive a new episode every week without any effort at all! You can also use the TreeHugger XML feed to subscribe. Or you can visit BlipTV, You Tube and Google Video. Last, but definitely not least, iTunes and Quicktime users, here are your links: iTunes MOV – Don’t forget to check it out!