TreeHugger Challenges The Helium Report


The Helium Report's target demographic is "independent wealthy consumers" and a lot of what they feature has to do with yachts, mansions, luxury cars and private jets. Not exactly TreeHugger material... But it's not all about excessive consumption: They recently published a guide titled "13 Ways to Give Away Your Bonus" and the suggestions are excellent. Most are for social and public health issues, but #9 is EcoAmerica (who TreeHugger friend Bob Perkowitz founded).

We strongly encourage the Helium Report to keep highlighting environmental issues and organizations. The wealthy have the potential to do a lot of good with their money, power and connections. But doing good is just the half of it: They must also avoid doing harm as much as possible.

Our Friendly Challenge: We're sure that a guide called "How to Live Large on a Small Footprint" would be popular with your readers, Helium Report. We challenge you to create it, and we can even collaborate on it if you need help. Our contact info is here.