"Tree Hugger" Candidate for US Treasury Secretary

This news just in for Tuesday via LONDON (Reuters) - "...President George Bush is set to announce that Treasury Secretary John Snow is resigning and that he will nominate Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Officer Henry Paulson to succeed him, a senior administration official said". This sort of news would seldom fit TreeHugger; except that we recently covered Mr Paulson, admiringly. In fact, we even did a poll partly due to his inpiration. And a bit more analysis here. Bravo and good luck Mr. Paulson.

Image credit The Nature Conservancy.

UPDATE: ====> According to ThinkProgress "...Paulson's nomination is strongly opposed by a coalition right-wing groups seeking to cast doubt on climate science, such as the National Center for Public Policy Research, describing Paulson as "diametrically opposed to the positions of [the Bush] Administration."