Travelling in Style: Laura Bush in Flying Airstreams

laura bush airstream trailer photo

Don't get me wrong, I think it is terrific that Laura Bush is visiting the troops in Afganistan; at least someone in the US remembers that there is a war going on there. And we love Airstreams, and have written about them many times; it is great that they are shipping one over to keep her comfortable, it is almost as hot and miserable as Crawford over there. But really, she is the First Lady; why give her such a big old retro model? Look at that TV/VCR in the picture below the fold. And the furniture. Surely she deserves the latest Chris Deam model that you can dial up from Design within Reach. And there are 11 of these retro wonders, known as "'Senior Leader In Transit Conference Capsules"- surely our leaders deserve better than this.

airstream interior photo

No, there are some serious issues to be dealt with. That grey leather upholstery is so 70s. And the wood? Please.

airstream upholstery photo

The British got this right a century and a half ago; they designed campaign furniture that folded up nicely; Richard Wrightman is knocking it off in Brooklyn as we speak. Somehow the idea of shipping an Airstream by air seems a bit much; at least they could use a smaller, more modern unit than this. MetroUK via ::Wonkette
The images from Inhabitat below are far more appropriate. In a smaller, more energy efficient package, too.