Transparency is the New Black


SNEWS, which broke the SIGG story two weeks ago, does an update where they suggest that Laken would tell customers and retailers that their bottles contained BPA- if they asked directly. SNEWS doesn't let them off the hook:

..before we start hearing about the scientific data that such-and-such study showed BPA did not leach into liquids or that BPA is not the hazard everyone thinks it is, let us just say this is not about science. It is about transparency to the public. It is about consumer choice and what consumers assumed to be true -- that they were buying bottles they thought were BPA-free when in fact they were not. In 2008, consumers flocked by the thousands to stores and online to purchase alternatives to polycarbonate bottles that were known to contain BPA. Many chose aluminum bottles, even though they were lined with epoxy that SIGG and Laken knew contained BPA.

People were not too happy with me for using pretty much the same words. And as Trendwatching notes, we are in the middle of a transparency revolution.


They make some very interesting points about how it isn't so easy to get away with this kind of stuff today:

Corporate transparency doesn’t stop at product reviews or price comparison. In fact, it’s going to be crucial for companies to understand that because individuals/consumers are opening up in many ways, if not becoming ‘transparent’, especially online, they will expect companies to be more transparent, too (read: to become more human).

And while we will save for another Trend Briefing the many ways in which corporations can now be exposed whenever their behavior is dismal, if not downright despicable, we do want to briefly point out how transparency of everything from production processes to ingredients, to labor conditions, will increasingly influence performance and pricing reviews. The ‘whole’ picture will matter to those consumers who, when looking for the best of the best, take into account not just price or superior quality, but eco, health, social and ethical concerns, too.

It is really an article about reviews and the instant spread of price and quality information, but makes for interesting reading at Trendwatching.
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Transparency is the New Black
..before we start hearing