Transition Towns: What's a 'Great Unleashing'? (Video)

transition towns great unleashing photo

Image credit: Transition Langport

Transition Towns have been hailed as one of the most important social movements of our times. It's true, some have worried that Transition is just 'Back to the Land' in disguise, or that it is skewed toward the left-leaning hippy side of things. But there's no doubt in my mind that the movement has both energized and united communities, and it has spread like wildfire. And from planting fruit and nut trees to reviving local currencies, it's Transition's focus on effective action that is most important. But what does Transition look like? A UK group has produced a great video about the "Unleashing" of their transition initiative. It's inspiring stuff. As part of the Transition model, each community organizes a series of outreach and education which is intended to build knowledge and generate a core group of Transition activists. That is then followed by a "Great Unleashing", in which the Transition group is introduced to the community as a whole - and everybody from businesses to politicians to community groups are invited to participate as the group kicks into full swing. Transition Langport in Somerset, England decided to film their Great Unleashing - showing the world how they chose to launch their initiative.

OK, so the video below does again show a demographic that I'd wager many TreeHugger readers are familiar with. But what I find encouraging is the way that Transition helps folks connect the dots - the Freecycle folks are talking to the organic farmers who are talking to the self sufficiency people and so forth. And most importantly of all, they are reaching out to their wider community in an inviting and non-combative manner.

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