Transition Towns Reach Japan: Community Response to Peak Oil Spreads

Photo Credit: Green Gables — a Contemplative Companion to Fujino Township
Transition Town Fujino Launched
It must be fairly obvious by now that I am a fan of the Transition Towns movement — the speed at which this community-based response to peak oil and climate change has spread across the UK, and more recently across the world, is truly astounding. But when I wrote about Transition Town Totnes' nut tree project, commenter Sirerdrick lamented that a similar project probably couldn't happen in Japan. Now it looks like Sirerdrick may be proved wrong, as the official launch of Japan's first Transition Town has just taken place in Fujino, a progressive community on the outskirts of Tokyo. As always, Rob Hopkins' excellent Transition Culture blog gives us the scoop on this exciting development:
"The story of Transition Fujino began last year when the eminently lovely Hide Enomoto (who you may remember from my son's blog from the Findhorn conference) attended the Be The Change conference in London and heard a talk I gave. He later attended the Positive Energy conference at Findhorn with some of his colleagues from Fujino, the Transition Network conference (where he dazzled with his footballing skills) and also did the Transition Training. The Transition Fujino group consists of Hide, Kazu Kobayashi, Ena Kobayashi and Norio Iketake. Some of them are also involved in the emergent Transition Japan initiative, who are, among other things, producing the Japanese primer [ ] Fujino is not the only Transition initiative emerging in Japan. The nearby communities of Koganei Midor-cho and Hayana are also at earlier stages, supported by the Transition Japan group Hide has initiated."

Apparently the Transition Town Fujino website is still under construction, but expect to see more soon.

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