Transition Towns on Al Jazeera (Video)

transition town al jazeera photo

Image credit: Al Jazeera English
The Transition Movement has featured in the New York Times, and the Times newspaper, among countless news outlets around the world. This community-lead response to peak oil and climate change is gaining huge attention in the mainstream media. Now Rob Hopkins (see my own interview with Rob Hopkins for more on the man) has been interviewed in a short piece for Al Jazeera English. Given the importance of the subject matter, it's great news to see a Middle East-based network picking up on the movement. Click below the fold to see what was said.
There's nothing too new here for anyone who has followed the movement for a while, but it is exciting to see how mainstream media are finally covering grassroots efforts to cut carbon emissions and build resilient economies. As an aside, it's also fun to see footage of Totnes High Street chock full of cars. I've met more than one activist, smitten with the idea of Transition, who has been surprised to learn that Totnes is not an oil-free Utopia, but rather a place where local residents are doing what they can to free themselves from fossil fuel addiction. You have to start somewhere.

Of course, news that Transition Town Totnes will be getting a massive Government check as part of the low Carbon Communities project suggests that many other networks may be descending on the town to see what they do with it.

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