Transition Towns in America: UK Pioneer Interviewed (Video)

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Transition Towns Movement Explained
Yes, I'll admit it - I'm a huge fan of the Transition Towns Movement. I recently got very excited about the arrival of the Transition Movement in the US, but what is it and how does it work? What makes Transition Towns different from any other community-led grass routes environmentalist groups, and can they really help us avoid catastrophe? Luckily the good people at Peak Moment TV - the same folks who have brought us episodes on protecting your money in a declining economy and the Portland Peak Oil Task Force have set out to find out more. Janaia Donaldson sat down with Jennifer Gray - a pioneer of the movement. Jennifer describes the birth of the movement in Ireland and the UK, and explains how communities across the world are educating themselves and their neighbors, and beginning to build real world projects that can help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Jennifer also provides a useful step-by-step analysis of the various stages involved in "unleashing" a Transition Town initiative and putting it into practice. You can learn more by visiting founder Rob Hopkins' Transition Culture blog, or by checking out the Transition United States website. I've also written about the movement once or twice, so check out the links included below the video too.

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