Transition City Bristol's Big Event: "Unleashing the Collective Genius of the Community"

Hailed by Rob Hopkins as "possibly the biggest peak oil/climate change/Transition event to take place in the UK", Bristol's Big Event looks set to be a huge collective exploration of the future for this city of 400,000 residents as fossil fuels become more and more expensive. To be held at the city's Council House on the 25th of November, the event is organized by Transition City Bristol (who we wrote about here) and will include key note speeches from Richard Heinberg, Jeremy Leggett, David Starhan and Dr Chris Johnston.

Talks and workshops during the day will cover Peak Oil, Climate Change, Positive Action, Sustainable Transport, Carbon Reduction Action Groups, Community Composting, Alternative Energy, Permaculture, Community Gardeners Question Time, Local Economics, Medicinal Herbs, Sustainable Building, Restorative Justice, Community Learning, Climate Change and the Landscape, The Work That Reconnects, Global Recession and Transition, Local Food Groups, Community Supported Agriculture, Films, Open Space, Environmental Stalls and Bookshop.

[Disclaimer: In the interests of transparency, this author used to live in Bristol and has friends involved in this project, but we'd still be writing about it even if we didn't]::Transition City Bristol::via Transition Culture::

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