Transition City Bristol's Big Event: Program Now Finalized


Just a reminder to our UK-based readers that Transition City Bristol's Big Event, which we posted on last week, is coming up on Sunday. Billed by Rob Hopkins, originator of the Transition Towns concept, as "Possibly the biggest Peak Oil/Climate Change/Transition event yet to take place in the UK... a day not to be missed", the Big Event looks set to be an important and inspiring day of collective learning and planning for a future beyond fossil fuels. The program has now been finalized, and includes presentations from the likes of Richard Heinberg , Rob Hopkins (who we've interviewed here) and Jeremy Leggett (we've interviewed him too), and will feature workshops on everything from staying motivated in the face of a crisis, to community gardening, to the economic implications of peak oil. There will also be an after party featuring local bands. Tickets are available, priced on a sliding scale according to income, and can be purchased either online, by mail, or through local outlets.

Disclaimer: As we mentioned in our previous post about this event, this author has been involved in some of the community groups organizing the Big Event. However, we're pretty sure we'd be posting on this even if we hadn't. ::Transition City Bristol::via site visit::

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