Toyota Introduces New Campaign For "Hybrid Synergy Drive"

Now all of you know that we've been writing a ton about Toyota lately, but rightfully so as they've announced some great initiatives in the past few months. Here's the latest: yesterday Toyota launched a wide-range campaign that will include marketing, auto shows and educational elements all to build awareness of its Hybrid Synergy Drive which powers the Prius, Highlander and future hybrids as well. Read on...Much of the campaign is designed to reach consumers while they're actually driving with 100 billboards, signage at 630 bus stop shelters and 1,200 signs at gas pump toppers all including messages such as "Commute With Nature" and "There's Nothing Like That New Planet Smell." The outdoor effort will focus around key hybrid markets such as New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Boston and Philadelphia. Broadcast spots will be rolled out on television all week this week and in nearly 1,500 movie theaters. Radio spots will also run in key markets. Each one of these advertisements and marketing messages will direct the consumer to Toyota's website where they can view an animated video and find out more information on fuel savings and the benefits of the hybrid (we checked it out, it's pretty darn cool). With Prius sales up over 130%, no wonder Toyota wants to roll out an enormous campaign — they've got something good, and they know it. We like the billboard at the exit of the Lincoln Tunnel in Manhattan: "Miles and miles and miles per gallon." Via ::PR Newswire ::Toyota