Touring New York's Most Sustainable Bakery


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Nicola Twilley, author of the Edible Geography blog, writes in Good that:

Birdbath bakery is managing to be good to the environment and the bottom line. It doesn't hurt that its food is also delicious.

More interesting than the bakery itself—which uses local, organic, and seasonal ingredients and is being used as a test-site for green building technologies—is the story of how the brand came to be.The Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery was founded by Maury Rubin, who, for decades, had built a business at the nearby City Bakery that silently embraced sustainable business practices. Instead of advertising where the ingredients came from, City Bakery developed a reputation based on the quality of its food.

So, what made Rubin decide it was time to take a more explicitly green step? She explains:

The more I think about it, the more I think George W. Bush should get the credit...I'm a soy bean-eating, recycling-devoted, vintage clothes-wearing, used Volvo-driving, low-carbon-footprint person in the first place. Sometime during the Bush years, that administration's intense assault on the environment left me feeling that as a business owner with a large and loyal customer base, I had a responsibility to begin talking about the environment.

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Touring New York's Most Sustainable Bakery
Nicola Twilley, author of the Edible Geography blog, writes in Good that:

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