Tortoise Lives for 255 Years

Aeons ago I read an interview with a person of significance (whose name alas escapes me), in which he was asked a question that went along the lines of, "If there was one thing you could do to improve the health of the planet, what would it be?" His answer was: make it so humans lived to see 500 years pass. He reasoned that we commit so many environmental blunders mostly due to our own short-sightedness, thus creating mess for following generations to try and clean up. If we lived long enough to be faced with the consequences of our actions, he argued, we'd make more responsible decisions. Was reminded of this thought, with news that one of world's oldest known animals has just died. A favourite at the Kolkata zoo in India for the past 131 years, 'Adwaitya' (The Only One) was thought to have been born between 1705 and 1755. His real age will now be determined via carbon dating. What choices would you make ... if you knew you going to be around for 250 years? Via ::Yahoo News.