Toronto Unveils Blueprint for a Green City


Mayor David Miller says Toronto will be "the leading environmental city in North America" and has rolled out the blueprints. He says the plan represents a "real" commitment to combating global warming. "This framework is very bold. It sets clear targets for action and it sets out an uncompromising commitment by the city of Toronto to lead on environmental issues."

The plan includes meeting Kyoto targest by reducing greenhouse gas emissions; tax rebates for upgrading furnaces, installing green roofs or even replacing leaf blowers with brooms; a new green building code, more bike lanes, conversion of all streetlights to LEDs and lots more.

However all of these measures require funding and the City is broke, so Mayor Miller will have a hard time paying for this. But it sounds like a plan. ::The Star and ::PDF of the Plan UPDATE: Environment writer Peter Gorrie doesn't think it is much of a plan.::The Star

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