Toronto Mayor Plans To Abolish Plastic Bag Tax

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Throwing Candy at Children, Santa Claus Parade. Image credit Jason Verwey

Toronto used to be known for its green initiatives under former Mayor David Miller; the new mayor, Rob Ford, appears intent on not only stopping the City's green progress, but actively rolling it back. Next up: cancelling the 5 cent plastic bag charge that has reduced bag use in Toronto by 71%. Ford tells the National Post:

"All of a sudden the five cents is really becoming a sticking point with people and it wasn't really before, so I want to get rid of it," Mayor Ford said of what it costs in Toronto to get a plastic bag at a store.

Joanne St. Godard of the Recycling Council of Ontario isn't happy. She tells the Star:

"If Mayor Ford is serious about revisiting the 5-cent fee, that's a bit scary to us," Goddard said. "Are people going to carry on that habit? I think you'd see it slide back significantly."

Sigh. All over the world, cities and countries are taxing or banning plastic bags. (of course, all over the world, they are building light rail and bike lanes). But in Toronto, if it is green, it is going or gone.

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