Toronto Buses to get Suncor Biodiesel, and More...


The 1,491 buses of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) will start running on a blend of diesel and soy-based biodiesel provided by Suncor Energy. Unfortunately, the ratio of the blend is not clear at this time, but the contract extends over the next 20 months and 120 million liters (32 million US gallons) of biodiesel will be provided. It's hard to know if that's a significant amount without knowing how much fossil-diesel the TTC buses use, but some is better than none, and the door is now open for more. This is not Suncor's only "non-fossil" project: They also plan to open Canada's largest ethanol production facility in St. Clair Township, Ontario (lets hope this will be cellulosic ethanol like Ottawa-based Iogen) and a 76 megawatt wind project (which they say should be enough to power 22,000 homes) in Ripley, Ontario. ::Suncor's Press Release, via ::AutoblogGreen


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