Top Stories from Tonic: Y2K, Citta Chic, Penis Regeneration ... 'Nuff Said?

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See what "good news" caught Tonic's eye this week. You won't wanna miss these hot headlines.

The Maldives aren't just for heavenly beach getaways -- they're now host to a climate change forum to kick global warming to the shore.

Art, star power and a helping hand in Nepal. Get the scoop women who are weaving their way out of poverty

Oh, goodie! An excuse to indulge. In "Chalk Another One Up for Chocolate: UV Protection," David Bois will convince you that the dark stuff is the fountain of youth.

Plan your recovery from pumpkin pie overdoses with Chaniga Vorasarun's "Black Friday Comes Early." And if mega-sales still aren't in your budget, the "Start Your Holiday Swapping Shopping" with Michelle Hainer. It's freeeeee!

As we wind down 2009, here's the lowdown on "The Past 10 Years -- Abridged."

"Penis Regeneration Promises to Boost Membership." 'Nuff said, David Bois.

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