Top Stories from Tonic: Volunteers Still Needed in Haiti, Top Sustainable CEOs, Lewis Black Rants for Charity, and More!

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More than two weeks have passed since the devastating earthquake struck Port-au-Prince, and millions of Americans have opened their wallets, their hearts, even their homes to help. But now, as the long, difficult struggle to rebuild a nation continues, more organizations are asking for volunteers. Nurses, doctors, clergy, carpenters, teachers and more are needed. Here are new ways you can volunteer in Haiti.

Our friends at TriplePundit recently ran a poll to determine the Top 10 Sustainable CEOs. They've announced the winners, and the survey has us asking "What is a sustainable CEO, anyway?" and "Why does it matter?" We tracked down some good answers.

Conan may have signed off early from The Tonight Show but he ultimately left the show with class. We wouldn't have expected anything less. But what really floored us here at Tonic were the inspiring words he left his audience with at the very end. Mark Dagostino's ears definitely perked up when Conan shared his thoughts on cynicism and hard work.

Speaking of comedy, we love us some angry Lewis Black. But The Daily Show's resident angry man showed off a softer side as he talked to Tonic about six charities that are close to his heart -- and how easy it is for anyone to get involved and do a little good in the world. Check out Black's rant for charity.

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