Top Stories from Tonic: Say No To Tuna, Yes to Coke and Proceed With Caution Toward Robert Pattinson

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Calling all pescatarians! Annie Scott reports on the problem with tuna in "Conversation With Sylvia Earle: You'll Never Eat Tuna Again."

"Achtung! Porsches Are Mean and Green." get the lowdown on the hot, hot, hot eRUF.

Coke is leading the way to better bottling. That's right: "Coca-Cola Introduces the PlantBottle." Enjoy.

But what to make of the plastic waste already lining our roadways? Why make roads, of course!

Is Twilight's It-boy a mind altering substance? Erin Green tells you why in "Twilight Addicts: This is Your Brain on RPattz."

Then again ... Dave Bois makes a case for indulging in dopamine: "Pain Goes Away With Mere Thought of Dopamine."

There are women in Nepal and India ready to keep you winter-chic, draped in cashmere this season. Show support to communities in need, and check out the artists who's heading up the project.

And speaking of human kindness, Katie Gustafson talked to the queen of compassion herself, Karen Armstrong about spreading faith in love.

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