Top Stories from Tonic: Potty Protection, Gorilla Homecoming, 26 Great Ideas and More!

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Photo courtesy of TKnoxB, via Wikimedia Commons

Why stop at top ten lists when you can track down the top "26 Ideas to Save People from Climate Change"?

Jac Chebatoris has a potty trick that'll rock your world. Or at least save you a gallon per flush without rotting your pipes. "Save Yourself Money by Saving 10 Gallons of Water a Day"

David Bois impressively resists indulging in Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes jokes (almost) in his fascinating story "Kew Botanists: Tomatoes are Carnivores." Yup. Tomatoes. Carnivores.

The Killers new Christmas single gives it all away to charity -- specifically, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS if Africa. After reading Jac Chebatoris' post "The Killers Release Annual Christmas Song," you'll be singing "Happy Birthday Guadeloupe" well into 2010.

Get on the fast track to interplanetary jet-setting. "The Future is Now: Virgin Galactic Unveils SpaceShipTwo"

You've read your primer; now dig a little deeper into CO15 dish with David Bois' "Buzz of Weekend Activity Sets of Copenhagen Climate Kick-Off."

Also from David Bois, a story that will knock the wind out of you - then swiftly warm your heart. Fall in love with some special survivor primates in "Orphaned Gorilla Pair Head Home to Congo."

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