Top Stories from Tonic: Holiday Feasts, Gifts and Music to Watch For!

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"Holiday Gift Lists -- The Best of the Web," a collection of short lists with your best "good" presents to keep your loved ones from rolling their eyes this gift-giving season.

Google Earth, you better get on board! The US Geological Survey has produced some images that'll knock your socks off -- and help us understand how to help protect our planet over time.

No patience for Black Friday? That's ok -- "Discounts Await Cyber-Shoppers" too. Darragh Worland has the ins and outs of grabbing deals in the halls of the malls of the web.

How to get hip to the changes in holiday music with "'A Very Special Christmas' Gets 2009 Update." The much-loved, Keith Harring-doodled "A Very Special Christmas" albums get their latest make-over after a good long lull. Miley, Leighton and Colbie Calait join a new generation of good cheer spreaders. Proceeds benefit the Special Olympics.

Extend Thanksgiving long after the traditional turkey is gone. Wynter Mitchell challenges your tastebuds wtih "Tofurkey Comes to Soda." Yup, the drinkable kind.

Deep seas may still be mysterious, but did you ever think the very water itself would be suspected of alien origins? David Bois' "Oceans Reveal Strange and Wonderful New Worlds" takes the "strange and wonderful" to whole new mind-boggling levels.

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