Top Stories from Tonic: Helping Haiti, Survivor Zohn Goes Home, Facebook Status Colors Revealed, Goldman Bonuses, and More!

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Photo credit: Matthew Marek/American Red Cross

The earthquake that rocked Haiti this week may have devastated much of the country, but it's also quickly bringing out the best in many people who want to help. Celebrities and charities are stepping up to help Haiti. KC Baker tells us how you can help.

We recently brought you the exclusive story of "Survivor" winner Ethan Zohn and his effort to give back while fighting cancer. We're happy to report now that Zohn is home from the hospital and resting after a harrowing stem cell transplant.

If you've spent any time on Facebook recently (who hasn't?) then you've almost certainly seen your friends updating their statuses with various colors. So what gives? We'll give you a hint: Boobs, bras, and cancer awareness. What's your Facebook status color?

Speaking of status updates ... we told you about the dozens of sea lions that went missing recently from San Francisco's famous Pier 39. They've been found, in Oregon. But did they skip town to escape the tourists? Not quite. Dave Bois has the answer: It's the anchovies, stupid!

American taxpayers have shelled out hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out troubled banks and Wall Street firms. Now some of these companies are ready to dish out bonuses to employees and executives. Infuriating? Yes. But could there be a silver lining to Goldman Sachs' bonuses? Absolutely.

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