Top Stories from Tonic: Hair Gel Power, Coyote Survival, Ultracapacity, Bleating Hearts and More!

tonic column oct 23

Tonic has your "good news" highlights -- readers' most iresistable eco-stories of the week. From kittens and puppies to turbines and panels, these are the headlines you won't wanna miss.

All hail the mighty vegetable! Darragh Worland lets those of us not lucky enough to be in a particular Queens grocery store at a particular moment on Oct. 21 relive an impromptu musical moment.

Lava lamp + hair gel = solar power? Courtney Rubin has the scoop; science geeks are in heaven.

Animal survival! Wile-E Tricky and a too-curious cat face off with vehicular perils and win. Kathy Ehrich Dowd has the rundown ... so to speak.

Ultracapacitor. As cool as the flux capacitor? You be the judge. John Casey tells us all about EEStor's new supercharged electric car.

In "Picking Up the Scent," Kendall Hunter hails little foxes in her shout-out to natural cosmetic company Lush.

Awwwww. Figure out how to reduce your best friend's carbon pawprint. Poochie loves the planet too, you know.

Living, breathing garbage disposals, goats are now taking on weedwacker duty. Sarah Parsons will make your little hearts bleat.

Wind turbines parking in a Cali lot. Better use of space, no doubt.

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