Top Stories from Tonic: Global Soap, Good Riddance Day, Zhu Zhu Game and More!

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Can you think of any better way to recycle hotel soaps than sending them over to refugee camps that could really use them? Neither could we. "Helping Ugandans Find Refuge in Global Soap."

Don't worry! All that shredded paper gets put to use when the ball drops. In "Good Riddance Day in Times Square," you might just get inspired to host a paperless Riddance Day of your own.

"Get Ready for the Blue Moon" -- because it only happens once in a, well, you know. David Bois makes sure you mark your calendar for this New Year's Eve wonder.

Love sci-fi, tech and beautiful planets? In "Avatar: James Cameron's Magical Mystery Tour," Erin Green gets critical about animation's new darling. She's got some damn good points.

"Alyssa Milano Did It!" And Mark Dagastino has the final count. (What did she do? Full details here.)

Get a load of Zhu Zhu. The hot hamster craze is going digital. Chaniga Vorasarun explains in "Zhu Zhu, the Videogame."

"Hollywood's #1 Philanthropist: Justin Timberlake." Surprised? Lisa Germinsky explains the list.

Gross but true: "NYU Students May Have Discovered a New Species of Cockroach." When you're done squirming, read down. This same classroom is shedding light on some sneakiness: Is the sheep's milk you think you're consuming really sheep's milk at all? This and more in Dave Bois DNA highlights.

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