Top Stories from Tonic: COP15 Primer, Charity Gift Guide, Heigl's Puppy Love and More!

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Dave Bois breaks down the CO15 basics in "Copenhagen for Dummies: A Climate Conference Primer."

Give, give, give this holiday season!!! "The Tonic Holiday Charity Gift Guide" is the definitive resource for choosing the best charitable bang for your buck.

"Katherine Heigl Saves Puppies!" 'Nuff said, Mark Dagastino.

After reading Veronique Pittman's "Commending Sting for his Anti-Dam Stance," you'll get behind Sting's enviro-crusade set forth in Brazil, too.

Katie Gustafson highlights some of the greenest donors on the planet according to a ranking powerhouse mag. "Barron's Names the 25 Highest-impact Philanthropists."

Jet-setting got you a little soft around the middle? Jac Chebatoris has the top tips for "Staying Fit While Traveling."

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