Top Climate Reporter Andy Revkin Leaves New York Times

Photo via Flickr

I've been pointing out for weeks that the Sunday news talk shows ignore climate change--The Week with George Stephanopoulos did it again yesterday, but they did dedicate 5 minutes to Tiger Woods. It's amazing to me that the public is still firmly behind climate action despite the fact that the mainstream TV media doesn't cover the issue. Now comes even more bad news: The New York Times science writer Andrew Revkin is leaving the paper, meaning that one of the best climate reporters will now be off the scene.Revkin's last day will be December 21, when he will begin work with Pace University. Word is Revkin will continue to post on his Dotearth blog through The Times.

The Yale Forum on Climate Change reports that "Revkin's move has been in the works for some time, and he says he decided some two years ago - after writing a "next 20 years" personal memorandum about his career plans - that he would leave journalism." Revkin "cites frustration with journalism and also personal fatigue after routinely working virtually 24/7 in recent years."

The Networks and other media outlets could do worse than to bring Revkin on to discuss the science of climate change and the swirling politics around it to an audience that has not yet received reliable TV coverage of perhaps the most important issue facing the world today.

The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media says they will post an interview with Revkin later today.