Top Beverage Companies Receive Mediocre, Failing Grades for Recycling Efforts

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When you think of success in any endeavor the simple truth is that a grade of "C" is rarely considered top-notch. Mediocre is perhaps more like it, but that's just what Coca-Cola, called the top U.S. beverage maker, received when As You Sow, a corporate watchdog group, released their findings recently as the result of an investigation into the recycling practices of the top 23 U.S. beverage companies. Unfortunately, many more failed, with 16 of the 23 surveyed receiving an "F." Did your favorite beverage maker top of the "somewhat nice" list? Find out below the fold.
Apparently, Coca-Cola received the highest grade with a "C", followed by Anheuser Busch, PepsiCo, and Nestle Waters, who all received C minuses.

Beverage makers were graded on their efforts to reduce the use of virgin packaging materials, their use of recycled content in beverage containers, the degree to which they support and invest in legislative policies that increase container recovery and recycling, and their level of transparency in reporting back their efforts to increase and improve recycling efforts to the public.

More information is available via the As You Sow website.

Via: As You Sow
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