Top 5 Reports on US Chamber of Commerce + Impact of Its Climate Policy

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As the US Chamber of Commerce comes under more and more pressure for its out of touch climate policy our own Daniel Kessler reported on the Chamber's bad PR week and TH Blog Love took a tour of the blogosphere to see just how bad the flak is. So let's see who is saying what about the CEO's who are taking a stance on Climate Change and the exodus of top flight companies from the Chamber. Grist: Wall Street Journal reporter knocks own editorial page for Chamber defense by Jonathan Hiskes
"Today the Wall Street Journal editorial board published a typically dismissive editorial defending the U.S. Chamber of Commerce from the companies that have quit or criticized it over its position on climate change. The Chamber, to recap, opposes the clean energy bill in Congress and recently called for a "Scopes Monkey Trial" questioning the scientific reality of climate change."

Guardian: Apple joins Chamber of Commerce exodus over climate change scepticism by Suzanne Goldenberg
"Apple has become the latest in a growing list of companies to quit the US Chamber of Commerce over its policies on climate change. In a letter to the chamber president, Thomas Donohue, Apple's Catherine Novelli said she was frustrated by the hard-line stance the organisation had taken against the Environmental Protection Agency and draft climate legislation now before the Senate."

Huffington Post: Another Company May Leave Chamber of Commerce Over Extreme Position On Climate Change by Shahien Nasiripour
"The holding company owned by multi-billionaire Ronald Perelman is debating whether to leave the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Huffington Post has learned. Driving the debate is the controversial stance taken by the country's biggest business lobby on climate change."

Sustainablog: Is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce the "Voice of Business" on Environmental Issues? by Cindy Tickle
"The U.S. Chamber of Commerce promotes itself as the "voice of business" by representing business ideas and interests in Washington. Really? If this is true, then why are so many businesses leaving the Chamber? So far, high profile utility companies such as Exelon, Pacific Gas & Electric and PNM Resources have left the business association."

Triple Pundit: New Website Tracks Chamber of Commerce Climate Follies As Schism Grows by BC Upham
"A new website created by the National Resources Defense Council urges companies to take a stand on the growing debate within the US Chamber of Commerce over the chamber's stance on legislation addressing climate change."

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