Top 100 Eco-Heroes

Who's at the top of your list as the greatest eco-hero of all time? A panel of experts at the English Environment Agency has named Rachel Carson, the American author of the book "Silent Spring", as the patron saint of the green movement. She is followed by EF Schumacher, who wrote his influential book "Small is Beautiful" in 1973. Al Gore? He is number nine, after Sir David Attenborough (no. 4), Wangari Maathai (no. 6) and the Prince of Wales (no.7). Treehugger's favourite, George Monbiot, is no. 23. Famous Canadians include David Suzuki at no. 35 and Jane Jacobs, at no. 72. This list goes way back in time: Gandhi is there (no.81), St. Francis of Assisi (no.47) and Charles Darwin (no. 87). One of many surprises is Santa Claus, at 100 for "carbon-free delivery". Who's on your list? :: Guardian