Top 10 Earth Day Swag Items That Are Eco-Friendly (Maybe)

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Earth Day has taken on a (corporate) life of its own. This April 22, the 40th anniversary, is likely to feature a lot of "stuff" generated just for the occasion. And all that swag kind of defeats the purpose of the holiday. But what if the logo-laden give-aways are green? Is that possible? Counselor magazine says yes, and has released a Top 10 list of eco-friendly give-aways for 2010.The list was generated using a database from the Advertising Specialty Institute. Keep in mind that the list is targeted at companies looking for ways to promote their brand, and their commitment to Earthy goodness.

Without further delay:

1. Elephant-Poo Notebook - The ultimate recycled item, great for colleges and trade shows;

2. Bamboo Dinnerware - Perfect for office picnics, outdoor concert venues and fairs;

3. Seed Paper Postcard - Ideal for environment-themed mailings and print promotions;.

4. Shower Timer - Municipalities and utilities can promote water conservation;

5. Recycled Tires Jar Opener - Auto dealerships and mechanics can give these to customers;

6. Pine Tree Seedling - Employees can participate in a tree-planting day at the office campus;

7. Organic T-shirt - Give one to each Earth Day event organizer and volunteer;

8. Compostable Pens - Hotels, banks and shops can use these biodegradable pens;

9. Nonwoven Bag - Local grocery stores can eliminate plastic and paper;

10. Hemp-Blend Polo - Companies can use this earth-friendly shirt for summer uniforms.

The Top 10 are highlighted this "Joe Show" video, too. The trees behind him don't look too real, and it's a little zoom-heavy:

The Advertising Specialty Institute is dubbed as the largest media and marketing organization serving the advertising specialty industry, with a membership of more than 26,000 sellers and manufacturers of advertising specialty items. Counselor magazine is known as "the voice of the promotional products industry."

All of this might make you wonder: There are ways for companies, and regular people wearing T-shirts, to show their love for the planet. But how much of it is real and how much of it is hype?

Are there better ways to celebrate Earth Day than swag, even if it can be called eco-friendly? Or is this a good way to promote awareness, lighten the load and offer up things that people will actually use? Wouldn't it be better if companies that buy these products for Earth Day would start buying them every day? As the list goes to show, there are less wasteful ways than the status quo.

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