Tony Kushner on Climate Change

The play Angels in America had a profound effect on me so I was happy to have had this video of its author, Tony Kushner, sent to me by The Nation magazine. In the video, Kushner talks about how "Angels" dealt with environmental issues and how difficult it is for the arts to take on climate change.Angels in America debuted in 1991 and took on the AIDS crisis, religion, and the environment--among other issues of the time. At the time, character Hannah Pitt's anxiety about the hole in the ozone layer was representative of what many of us were feeling--confusion and a feeling of powerlessness.

Now, almost 20 years later, President Obama is on his way to Copenhagen next week for the international climate negotiations. Tony Kushner has some interesting things to say about our exploitation of resources and what artists can do to tell the story of earth's plight. The Nation is bringing a variety of stories to the world about climate change as the negotiations near.

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