Tonic's Top Stories: Nike Stands Up, Farmers Find Their Match, Chernobyl Gives Chills

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Photo courtesy of blary54 via Stock.xchng.

  • Long live the mountaintops! David Bois tips us off to the value of a mountain in the animal kingdom in "Mountain Formation Sends Evolution Peaking."

  • If you have (or if you haven't) seen the film Earth Days, you must read this interview with the director. Catherine Lincoln got all the good stuff for her piece, "For Filmmaker Robert Stone, All Our Days Are 'Earth Days'."

  • Then, Marc Hertz will have you lacing up your Jordans and taking to the streets. The "athletic wear behemoth" Nike has taken a mighty fine stand against uncool climate change views held by our very own Chamber of Commerce.

  • In David Jenison's "The Ukraine's Real Tourist Trap," Tonic's resident globetrotter wanders off the beaten path to an unlikely sightseeing destination: Chernobyl. As he puts it, "I don't think there could be a better advertisement for green power over nuclear."

  • Let Jac Chebatoris get your crafting wheels turning with "Puff and Stuff: What to Do With Those Packing Peanuts." Not only does she have alternative packing suggestions, you'll get tips for reusing those pesky little suckers.

  • In "A Delicious Deal Between Farmers and Restaurants," Katherine Gustafson gives us an insiders' scoop on how fresh local produce can find it's culinary soul mate. Think of it as for the growers and the eaters.