Tommy Lee, Ludacris to Star in Planet Green's Battleground Earth


With a few notable exceptions, the hard-living, party-hearty, carbon-pumping world of rock 'n roll excess doesn't earn many green points. But that's going to change, thanks to Tommy Lee and Ludacris and a new show on Planet Green called Battleground Earth. Yep, rock and rap are going head to head in a battle against the toxic forces destroying the planet as the two travel across the country on a 10-episode tour.

The show premieres in August and follows the duo's attempts to keep their high-wattage tours on a greener path while participating in different challenges highlighting various green issues.

What sort of shenanigans will this involve? For example, in the "Fast Fuel" episode Ludacris (who is also knows as Chris Bridges) and Tommy Lee's biodiesel tour buses are running on empty in the middle of the Texas Panhandle. They must roll into a fast food restaurant and look for fast food grease to turn into eco-friendly fuel. Will this battle include discussion of the efficacy of biofuels as a long-term petroleum substitute, or the possible argument that biofuels are a crime against humanity? You'll have to tune in to find out...

The Rap n' Roll battle culminates in a green carpet benefit concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles (no, not that Greek Theater). The concert featuring Ludacris, Tommy Lee and many of their famous musician friends will support the renewal of Griffith Park, which was devastated by recent wildfires.

So, who's going to win the battle and take the green cake: the acting rapper or the musician who's famous for, uh, doing other things in front of the camera? Pencil in August 2008 on your calendars and read up on other programming plans in ::USA Today on Planet Green, ::BAM! Emeril Lagasse Unearths Fresh Ingredients for Planet Green, ::Become a Famous Eco-Gadgeteer on Planet Green TV!, and ::Appear on Emeril Green

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