Today's News on Planet 100: Disppearing Islands, Mountaintop Removal, and Earth Hour Recap

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Disappearing Islands

Island Disappears An ongoing dispute between India and Bangladesh over a tiny rock
island in the Bay of Bengal has been solved by global warming. Jadavpur University
in Calcutta has documented that New Moore Island in the (map) Bay of Bengal has in
fact been completely submerged, it's disappearance confirmed by satellite imagery
and sea patrols. Experts are alarmed at the rate of increase of sea levels in the
Bay of Bengal - from 3mm a year before 2000 to about 5mm annually now. Officials
estimate one seventh of Bangladesh's 150 million population will be displaced if sea
levels rise 1 meter by 2050 as projected by some climate models.

Via: AP News
No to Mountain Top Removal

Environmental Protection Agency announced plans to block a mountaintop removal
project in Logan County, West Virginia.

The EPA is citing significant and irreversible damage under the Clean Water Act to overturn a 2007 permit granted to Arch Coal in 2007. The coal company plans to use explosives to uncover a 2,500 acre strip mine, then backfill six valleys and more than 8 miles of streams with the toxic debris.

The dramatic move by the Obama Administration seeks to protect residents of the
Appalachian mountains who rely on these waters for drinking, fishing and swimming.

Via: Examiner

Lights Out!
Earth Hour 2010 The 4th annual Earth Hour took place this weekend as millions turned
off their lights and appliances for the sake of the environment. The world's best known landmarks including the Sydney Opera House, Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, and the Empire State Building all plunged one by one into darkness.

Via: LA Times

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