Today's chuckle: Wall Street Journal on Hybrids

In the op-ed section of the WSJ today Holman Jenkins does a fake letter from Toyota, but makes an interesting claim about what happens when you do something to save energy:
"Petroleum not consumed by Prius owners is not "saved". It does not stay in the ground. It is consumed by someone else. Greenhouse gases are still released." We find this concept very interesting, refreshing and exciting- we can drive our Hummer to a seafood restaurant and order Chilean Sea Bass or Bluefin Tuna , perhaps a little Beluga as an appetizer. After all if we do not eat it someone else with an oversized sense of entitlement will go for it, so it might as well be us! We will pass by the Salvation Army major collecting money for Katrina victims, after all, other people will give, and are there no workhouses? Ayn Rand herself would call this logic twisted. Someone please ask me why I keep reading this fishwrap.