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Today, on Planet 100, a yeti beast is discovered in China, a report from the Galapagos, and a new poll shows Americans favor expanding fossil fuel energy.Yeti Beast Found
A bizarre creature dubbed the "oriental yeti" has emerged from ancient woodlands in remote central China.

The hairless beast is said to have a tail of a kangaroo, the face of a bear, and the voice of cat. The mysterious creature was (mountains) found in a remote mountain region of Sichuan will be shipped to scientists in Beijing who will perform a series of DNA tests.

According to local legend the region was home to a beast was originally a man who suffered from a terrible curse and was turned into a skinless beast.

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Galapagos Odyssey with Katherine Goldstein
This week, I'm on board a ship on the Galapagos as part of the TED Prize winner Syliva Earle's conference to ignite public support for global marine protected areas.

Currently, less than 1% of the world's oceans are fully protected, and the fall out of overfishing and pollution is devastating to our planet. Healthy oceans are crucial for human survival. TED and Earle have launched, where you can learn all about the issues and get involved in advocating for marine hope spots.

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Fossil Fuel Frenzy
A new Gallup poll reports that more Americans favor expanding energy production via fossil fuels even if the environment suffers. Experts point to the fact that environmental protection typically falls out of favor during harder economic times.

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