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Today, on Planet 100, the X Prize offers a $10 million award for the best oil spill clean up solution, annual waste piles up in Golden Gate Bridge-sized piles, and sea turtles get moved to get out of the way of Gulf oil.Oil X Prize
There've been X Prizes for space vehicles, gene-mapping and fuel efficient cars. And now the Foundation hopes to turn the BP oil spill into a multimillion dollar competition.

X Prize Foundation Vice President Francis Beland says his group have already received 35,000 unsolicited ideas for fixing the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and is seeking to raise money for a prize.

As X Prizes are usually worth $10 million or more, it'll be an opportunity to get rich and fix the US' biggest environmental disaster at the same time.

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Landmark Waste
How is this for a horrifying statistic: 74 Golden Gate bridges worth of consumer goods are wasted in America, every single year.

The WorldWatch Institute reports that between 1996 and 2006 our consumption of goods and services increased 28%. The resource extraction to fuel this consumption equated to 112 Empire State Buildings worth of materials, every day.

Meanwhile 10% of restaurant food is wasted before it ever reaches the customer and food waste helps landfills produce 34% of the methane in the U.S.

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Turtle Relocation
Some residents of The Gulf of Mexico are relocating to safer waters. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are engaged in a sea turtle egg relocation plan. They are digging up nest in Florida's Panhandle to be released in the Atlantic Ocean once they are hatched.

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