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Today, on Planet 100, the Green Party's candidate for mayor of NYC ponders the absence of jobs in a controversial campaign ad, China emerges as a leader in the carbon race, and Pamela Anderson heads to Oxford University to debate the merits of vegetarianism.Bleeping Jobs
Where are all the bleeping jobs? That's what Green Party candidate for New York Mayor, Howie Hawkins, asks in his new controversial commercial.

Beyond the shock factor of bleeping out profanity 21 times, the commercial ends with mention of Hawkins' plan to create a $16 billion green jobs program in New York. While details of exactly how he will do this remain elusive, the commercial's narrator simply says, "Vote smart vote green." one thing's the certain, New York's gubernatorial race just got even wackier.

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Carbon Race
China is emerging as the clear leader in the clean energy race, and according to a new report by Australian think tank, the Climate Institute.

The report looks at the government policies on carbon pricing for 6 nations, which together make up a full 50% of global CO2 emissions. As it turns out, China has the highest pricetag on carbon—equivalent to $14 per ton pricetag, compared to only $5 per ton in the U.S. Though there are many ways to encourage renewable energy adoption...

The report makes one thing clear. Until we get serious about pricing carbon pollution, we will continue to be left in the dust as China's speeds towards a low carbon future.

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Anderson Gets Academic
Actress and star of Stacked, Pamela Anderson, is heading to Oxford University. Anderson will appear in Oxford Union, considered the world's most famous debating society, to promote eating green and to show off the Paul McCartney-narrated If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls. Looks like all that reading paid off.

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