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Today on Planet 100: climatologists face off with TV weathercasters, baby whale die-off is the largest ever recorded, and biodegradable 3D glasses make their debut.Weather Forecast: Denial Ahead
There's a new global warming battle brewing between climatologists—who universally endorse the view that the world is warming—and TV weathercasters who don't.

A study released Monday by George Mason University found that less than a third of the 571 television weathercasters surveyed believe climate change is caused by human activities and more than a quarter agree with the statement quote "global warming is a scam"—a dramatic contrast with the 97% academic consensus on human-caused global warming.

This is particularly worrisome—according to a recent Yale survey 56% of Americans trust weathercasters to tell them about global warming over public figures like Al Gore.

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Baby Whale Death
A mass death of baby whales has experts scrambling to unravel the mystery behind the biggest die-off on record.

The 308 dead whales have been found around Peninsula Valdes along Argentina's Patagonian Coast since 2005. Almost 90 percent of those deaths represented by calves less than 3 months old, with some having an unusually thin layer of blubber. Scientists are convening an urgent inquiry to get to the bottom of the baby whale mystery.

Possible causes considered include harmful environmental factors like biotoxins created by algae or other organisms, disease, or a lack of prey.

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Biodegradable 3D
After the spectacular success of Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, it appears certain the trend in 3D movies is here to stay. Fittingly, a bioplastic company has just announced it's developing the world's first biodegradable/compostable 3D glasses. According to ShoWest, the eco-friendly glasses are expected to be available for distribution this summer.

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