Today on Planet 100: Vuvuzelas Assault BP (Video)

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Today, on Planet 100, BP headquarters assaulted by vuvuzelas, Google unleashes a Facebook-killer, and the Al Gore scandal gets messy.Vuvuzela on BP
The distinctive, monotone, 130 decibel bleat of the vuvuzela, has been the source of much irritation at the World Cup in South Africa, but now the vuvuzela has a new target...

BP headquarters in London. American Adam Quirk plans to assemble a 100 strong anti melodic symphony of vuvuzelas to annoy BP executives. Says Quirk: "BP is not feeling the pain they are causing in the Gulf...(this) will draw attention back to BP after the inevitable 24hr news cycle finds some celebrity sex scandal to distract us."

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Google's Facebook Killer?
One of the issues we explore here on Planet 100 is Corporate Social Responsibility, and Facebook has recently been under attack for its weak stance on one big issue—consumer privacy.

It turns out Google may be taking Facebook's weakness to the bank, with rumors it is set to launch a competitor to Facebook that will put the power of managing our private data—like photos, videos and personal information—into our own hands.

With close to a half a billion users, many claim Facebook can never be toppled, but if Google succeeds in providing a new, more private and more user-friendly social network, Facebook may face some real competition for the first time.

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Gorey Scandal
As the sex scandal between climate campaigner Al Gore and a massage therapist Molly Hagerty continues to play in the media, one newspaper has taken it to a whole new level. Taiwan's Apple Daily has released an animated clip of supposedly what went down in Gore's hotel room complete with a rather inconvenient stain.

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