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Today on Planet 100, climate change deniers poised to enter Congress may mark the end of Barack Obama's environmental ambitions, a boa constrictor experiences a 'virgin birth,' and San Francisco bans happy meals.End of Green?
With a slew of new climate change deniers entering Congress, Barack Obama's environmental ambitions are now dead.

While Californians decisively rejected a measure to roll back the state's landmark climate change law, that was the sole win for the environment on a night that crushed President Obama's green agenda. A number of the victorious Tea Party candidates in the Senate, including Rand Paul of Kentucky and Marco Rubio of Florida, have said they do not believe in man-made climate change.

Environmentalists worry this could spell the end for progressive energy legislation and could herald a new era of environmental deregulation.

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Boa Virgin Birth
A boa constrictor mother has given "virgin birth" to 22 female offspring, all of which have no father and are half-clones of their mother.

The discovery adds boa constrictors to the list of animals that can give fatherless birth. The list so far includes other snakes, at least three species of sharks, the Komodo dragon and some other monitor lizards and certain termites. Researchers at North Carolina State University suspected something was up when the mother boa constrictor gave birth, twice, to a total of 22 caramel-colored females.

The males housed with the female did not carry the gene for this recessive color trait.

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SF bans Happy Meal
San Francisco the evergreen city famous for their compost bns and EV charging stations has voted to ban toy giveaways in meals that don't rate as nutritious. The Board of Supervisors has passed the ban which says that you can't sell an "incentive item" with any food item that has excessive calories, sodium or fat—3 things that Happy Meals definitely aren't lacking in.

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