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Today, on Planet 100, toxic sludge threatens the Danube and watersheds across Europe, one DC school builds a garden that is a model for the nation, and Leonardo DiCaprio helps to launch Animal Action Week.Toxic Sludge
Rivers and lakes in 12 European countries are in danger of contamination as toxic sludge from a factory in Hungary heads towards the Danube.

Emergency workers have poured 1,000 tons of plaster into the Marcal river to try to bind the sludge that burst from a waste reservoir to keep it from flowing to the Danube, some 45 miles away. Hungary's environment minister, Zoltan Illes, said that the cleanup could cost tens of millions of pounds and take at least a year.

Officials hope to contain the spill before it reaches Europe's second longest river, which is rich in wildlife.

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DC School Garden
HuffPost Green are huge fans of school garden programs, and Walker Jones elementary is a stellar example of how great it is for students to learn about where food comes from in and out of the classroom.

Only blocks from the capitol, students are getting exposed to all things gardening on this half acre farm, making them more willing to try beets, zucchini or kale. Nearby businesses have chipped in on resources and supplies. We hope to see many more gardens like this throughout the country. You can watch the whole video on HuffPost Green.

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Leo Empowers Kids
The International Fund for Animal Welfare has enlisted the help of Leonardo DiCaprio to help launch "Animal Action Week." The annual initiative, now in its 18th year, works to educate and empower children around the world to stand up, speak out and help save animals. This year's theme is tigers.

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