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Rising rates of obesity have taken their toll, reaching epidemic proportions in the West. Simple, natural foods may be the solution. Today, Planet 100 counts down the top five superfoods for a super healthy diet.

5. Green Superfoods

While greens are good, green superfoods—with the highest concentrations of nutrients, fat burning compounds, vitamins and minerals—are great.

From barley grass, with 11 times more calcium than cows milk, to blue green algae, a more complete amino acid profile than beef or soy beans, to Spirulina, one of the highest known protein sources on Earth - there are plenty of green superfoods to choose from.

4. Super Nuts

Nut superfoods like raw cacao pack a powerful punch of nutrients and antioxidants.Raw cacao is high in magnesium, iron and has 14 times more flavanoids than red wine and 21 times more than green tea. Word of warning: gorging on commercial chocolates, which have processed at high temperatures, won't render the same nutrient benefits.

3. Super Roots

Looking for a superfood to improve energy, stamina and libido? Look no further than Maca Root.While this root vegetable has been cultivated in the Peruvian Andes for over 2,600 years, Western studies have shown that maca stimulates the pituitary glands, to "increases energy, physical strength, neurotransmitter production, and libido."

2. Bee Superfoods

Some trace the origin of superfoods back to the Egyptians who wrote about bee products back in 2500 BC. But here in the West, the benefit of bee-produced superfoods are a more recent discovery.Bee pollen is the most complete food found in nature—with five to seven times more protein than beef. Both pollen and Royal jelly (the special honey produced for baby bees) are natural antidotes for allergies and may even counteract the signs of mental and physical aging.

1. Seaweed Superfoods

At number one, seaweeds help to alkalize our blood, neutralizing the over-acid effects of our modern diet and protect us from a wide array of environmental toxins.Seaweeds are known to boost weight loss, deter cellulite build-up and stimulate lymphatic drainage. From nori, best known for it use in sushi, to dulse, a red seaweed which can be used seasoning, to wakame which often adorns miso soup, load up on seaweed for dense hit of nutrients.More about this episode of Planet 100
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