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Humans, it turns out, are not the only animals that suffer if they stay out too long in the sun. Whales, new research has discovered, can also get sunburns—and they're not alone. Today, Planet 100 counts down the top five human ailments that animals suffer too.

5. Sunburned Whales

Sunburned whales are appearing off the coast of Mexico. The culprit? The hole in the ozone layer.

Whales are particularly vulnerable to the sun's damage in part because they need to spend extended periods of time on the ocean's surface to breathe, socialize, and feed their young. The worry is that this skin damage will lead to skin cancer.

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4. Animal Influenza

winter is synonymous with flu shots for humans, but what about animals?

Turns out several animal species are susceptible to influenza or flu viruses—including birds, ferrets, pigs, marine mammals and horses. Although there have only been a small number of canine cases, dogs were added in the last few years to the list of animals that have contracted influenza.

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3. Arthritic Moose

An arthritic moose from the Great North Woods in Michigan offers insights into nutrition. It's at number three in our Top 5 Human Ailments that Animals Suffer too.

Scientists hypothesize that when the population ballooned, each moose got less food. As a result, mothers produced less milk and more animals suffered from malnutrition. Young moose that didn't get the proper nutrition developed arthritis later in life, as indicated by the small metatarsal bone in the foot.

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2. Dolphin Epilepsy

Off the coast of California, dolphins, sea lions and whales are coming down with epilepsy.

Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration started noticing marine mammals with a neurological disease similar to epilepsy some ten years ago. Many believe it's of result of ingesting toxic algae, which produces "domoic acid" when stressed by pollutants like fertilizer and sewage.

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1. Obese Orangutan

Topping the list is an affliction all too common among humans is affecting orangutans too: obesity.

Oshine the orangutan was adopted by Monkey World in the UK after being contacted by her former South African owner. It turns out a decade of eating candies and other junk-food saw her weight balloon to 220 pounds. From now Oshine will enjoy food more fitting for an orangutan—like fruits and vegetables.

Those are the top five human ailments that animals suffer too. Know of any ailments human and animals share? Let us know by leaving a comment at the Planet Green You Tube page. See you tomorrow for more Planet 100.

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