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This year's mid-term elections, which will take place tomorrow, are one of the most wrought of any in recent memory. Facing off are the promises of one campaign against the criticisms of another, and a complete shift in the balance of power is possible.

From acknowledging climate change to building the infrastructures of the future, supporting clean industry to regulating emissions, environmental issues play a major part in the promise and polemic of candidates on both sides.

Today, Planet 100 counts down the top five environmental issues to keep in mind as you enter the booth.

5. Climate Change

If you're worried about climate change, voting for senators that recognize it's occurring is probably the best move you can make.

Analysis by Washington DC's non-partisan National Journal reveals that 19 of the 21 serious Republican challengers for seats in the US Senate believe that climate science is either "inconclusive" or "incorrect." So be sure to know your candidates stance on climate change before casting your vote.

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4. High Speed Rail

One of the Obama administration's signature initiatives, High Speed Rail, maybe in danger of being rerouted this election cycle.

From Florida to Wisconsin, several candidates running for Governor oppose President Obama's plan to put $8 billion into high speed rail projects which would create thousands of construction jobs, and introduce a cool new technology that would be a fast track to economic growth.

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3. Renewable Energy Standard

If you believe clean energy is the future, know which politicians support the Renewable Energy Standard.

If the Renewable Energy Standard bill becomes law, state utilities would be required to generate a target minimum of 15 percent of their total energy output from renewable sources by 2021. Should the bill pass, the U.S. would be following the lead of China and Europe.

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2. Cap and Trade

Putting price tag on carbon emissions is key to making solar and other renewable electricity more attractive to customers.

And it's a divisive issue in this current election. In 2009, Democrats in the House forced a cap and trade program through but those in the Senate couldn't cobble together enough votes. If Republicans win more seats in Congress next month, the chances of passing cap-and-trade legislation will grow even slimmer.

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1. Prop 23

In at number one, Prop 23 is probably the biggest eco issue out there. Even though it's only in California, its ramifications will be felt nationwide.

Proposition 23, which counts oil companies among its major backers, would suspend AB 32, a 2006 law to reduce the state's greenhouse emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. If the proposition were to pass, this would have a devastating effect on the health of the country's clean tech industry.

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