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Elizabeth Hurley has shocked the fashion world and traded banter with an international man of mystery but nothing, whether on the cat walk or the big screen, compares to her experience with life on an organic farm. It's just one of the eco-reality shows in today's Top 5 Count Down.5. Liz Hurley
British bombshell Elizabeth Hurley, who rose to fame is Versace safety pin dress, is to star in a new reality show about life on her farm.

The model will feature in a new series documenting life on the organic farm she owns in the English countryside. Most famous for her glamorous lifestyle, few see Hurley as the down to earth country girl and organic meat and dairy supplier.

4. Eco Trip
British banking heir, David de Rothschild, explores the real cost of living in his Sundance series, Eco Trip.

The globetrotting host explores the origins and environmental impact of everyday items from cotton t-shirts to salmon to cell phones. The eco-adventurer and green evangelist is also famous for his innovative vessel, the Plastiki.

3. Living with Ed
With his solar panels and water filtration system, Ed Begley Jr. is so green he makes Al Gore look bad. So it's always a relief to see wife Rachelle's love of fashion and martinis while competitive neighbor, Bill Nye the science guy, adds some comic relief.

2. Whale Wars
Now we take to the high seas to tackle the topic of whaling. Whale Wars is at number two in our Top 5 Eco Reality Shows. The series follows captain Paul Watson, the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, as he and his briny crew brave deadly situations alone on the Antarctic Seas to wage war against Japanese whaling vessels.

1. Man vs. Wild
In his survival reality show Man vs Wild, ex SAS adventurer Bear Grylls, is stranded in the wilderness and must find his way back to civilization.

The rugged adventurer must live off the land armed only with a water bottle, a cup and a flint for making fire. Despite a few embarrassing revelations that Grylls actually spent some nights in cozy hotels while on location, the series has since been airing with full transparency.

That's our Top 5 Eco Reality Series. What will you be watching or avoiding?

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