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With Father's Day being celebrated this weekend, Planet 100 honors eco-dads making a difference. Count down the top five celebrity eco-dads. From Brad Pitt to everyone's favorite eco-father: find out who took the top spot.5. Kevin Costner
Earlier in the week, British Petroleum purchased 32 centrifugal oil-and-water separators built by a Costner backed company.

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The Waterworld star has invested 15 years and $24 million perfecting the Ocean Therapy Solutions device which was developed with a team including his scientist brother to leave water 99% free of crude. I wonder how BP feels about playing the damsel in distress to this Hollywood hero?

4. Johnny Depp
At number four, he walked the plank as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean but now Johnny Depp is walking the walk on his own private island.

Depp strives to make his Caribbean island paradise as lush, eco-friendly, and sustainable as possible. The 35-acre island is a self-sustaining eco wetdream, run entirely on solar-hydrogen power. Now if only it wasn't located thousands of miles from Depp's home in France.

3. Alec Baldwin
Did you know that 30 Rock funnyman Alec Baldwin is a vegetarian, animal rights activist and PETA supporter?

Despite some questionable fathering moments, Baldwin has always been there for the environment. A regular contributor to the Huffington Post, Baldwin is on a roll with his latest article entitled: "This Crisis Is an Opportunity to Set an Example—Let BP Die."

2. Brad Pitt
He's most famous for being half of Brangelina and papa of six, but Brad Pitt is all humanitarian at heart.

After Hurricane Katrina, he founded the Make It Right Foundation dedicated to building sustainable low cost housing for residents in New Orleans Ninth Ward, one such project was recently honored by the American Institute of Architects.

1. Ed Begley Jr.
Ed Begley Jr's name is so synonymous with green, you could almost forget he's a successful actor who's appeared in West Wing, Best in Show and of course Planet Green's Living with Ed.

The home he shares with this wife Rachel in the San Fernando Valley comes complete with solar panels, grey water system, vegetable gardens, bicycles and an electric car. In fact, if his carbon footprint were any lighter, it would probably be invisible.

There's our Top 5 Celebrity Eco Dads. Who's your favorite? Who did we miss? Let us know or just leave a comment.

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