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With evidence that the sea floor has begun cracking under the BP wellhead, Planet 100 counts down the Top 5 Apocalyptic Movies that conjure the destructive wrath of nature. 5. The Last Winter
The award-winning Indie flick from 2006 gives voice to a theme more timely now than ever—that mankind in its pursuit of oil is unleashing a hideous monster from the earth's depths.

The terrifying film is set on the snowy fields of the ANWR—the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge—where environmentalists have finally conceded to let a big oil company drill by drill. But what they get is kill baby kill as the ghost of fossil fuel past is released to rid the world of humans.

4. The Day After Tomorrow
Director Roland Emmerich's 2004 sci fi blockbuster took the box office by storm with its depiction of extreme weather events brought about by global warming.

From the 40 foot waves that pummel Manhattan to devastating hail storms in Tokyo, snow in New Dehli to category 5 tornadoes in Los Angeles, the events usher in a new ice age and provide us with a stark warning about the dangers of climate change.

3. Deep Impact
In at number four, the survival of the human species is under threat in 1998's Deep Impact as two comets are on course to collide with the earth.

While one million people are selected by lottery to survive the deep impact in a series of underground caves. The first comet creates a mega tsunami some 3500 feet high, while the larger comet is expected to block the sun for two years, killing all remaining life on earth.

2. The Andromeda Strain
In at number two, a biotoxin from outer space is killing residents in a small town in New Mexico in bizarre ways. It's 1971's The Andromeda Strain.

As a group of scientists in a secret underground laboratory try to determine how an infant and an old man managed to survive, an error in the lab's design may result in the organism triggering an even greater catastrophic disaster.

1. 2012
In at number one, the earth under attack by the sun in Roland Emmerich's apocalyptic sci fi flick, 2012.

Set in 2009, neutrinos caused by a massive solar flare are causing the temperature of the earth's core to rise rapidly. As millions die in cataclysmic earthquakes and mega tsunamis, a lucky few are chosen to board ships called arks which will ensure the survival of humanity.

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