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Today, on Planet 100, one fifth of the world's plants face extinction, an Iraq War veteran goes off the grid on his eco-farm, and China extends a diplomatic hand by choosing a Japanese woman to care for its pandas.Plant Extinction
A new report from the Kew Botanical Gardens concludes that one-fifth of the world's plants—which provide the foundation of life on earth—are at risk of extinction.

The fear among botanists is that species are being wiped out before they can be thoroughly researched. Plant-based remedies are the only source of healthcare in the world's poorest countries, proving essential in combating conditions like malaria and leukemia. Another concern is that we have become dependent on a narrow range of plants with a limited genetic base.

The report estimates that 80% of the calories consumed worldwide are derived from just 12 different species.

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Veteran's Eco Farm
Its easy to talk the talk about wanting to go green, but it's way more inspiring to see incredible examples of people's commitment to eco living.

Juan Beltran became a quadriplegic when an Iraq war helicopter crash broke his neck. Realizing that oil was a driving force behind the war, once at home he turned his house into an incredible eco-friendly, self-sufficient farm complete with solar panels, LED lights, energy efficient design and even chickens. Juan and his family are true eco-warriors.

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Panda Diplomacy
Amid a diplomatic spat between Beijing and Tokyo, China opted for a bit of panda diplomacy, naming a Japanese woman as one of six winners of a contest to care for the endangered animals. Yumiko Kajiwara, from Tokyo, was picked to become a panda keeper for one month at the Chengdu Panda Base in southwestern China's Sichuan.

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